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Updated 2016 May 12
  • Flora (Plants)

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  1. Nice list, but I think "Weeds" may be better dealt with by breaking the plants down into their habitats, structure or functions, as the word Weed is a subjective human value judgement. Poison Ivy is usually a vine, and Wood Nettle and Pokeweed are both delicious and nutritious edible greens (Poke only as a young shoot). Thistles may not be our favorite plants, but the bees love them and they work to improve soil.

    One technical note about the blog; when I type a comment and then choose Google Profile, the page refreshes and my comment disappears somehow, then I'm "signed-in" to the site, apparently. So I've lost a couple of comments to the ether at different times. There may be no way around that, but it would be nice if Blogspot made it obvious somehow that you needed to sign in before typing something! ;) Keep up the good work, John. I would like to do a list like this but it's hard to find the time.

    1. I too felt uncomfortable with the "weeds" designation. Thanks for the great comment PJ. I suppose they actually fit into one of the other categories, or should. It's interesting, the breakdown of plants is not nearly so well defined at a high level as is the animal kingdom.
      I did the research as we went along over these past 14 months, and made and stored the wiki-pdfs on my computer step by step. So for the post, all I had to do was upload the pdfs, create the list, and link the list to the pdfs; it was not so overwhelming. If it would help, I will send you the source documents for everything I have; let me know.
      I will check into your technical complaint. If you choose "Google Profile" first, before typing the comment, does that work? Are you on a PC or some sort of mobile device? I typed this reply, and while it defaults to Google for me, I tried wordpress and a couple of others, and it did not dump my comment. I am working on my iPad. Regardless, I will see what I can find out. Thanks again PJ. -- John